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Specialists in carpets and auto uphostery & re-trimming
Trim Panels
We manufacture our own trim panels for the VW range. Pressed from 3mm thick board they are as good quality as VW originally made them. Compare them to our competitors to see for yourself.

two-tone beetle panels

bare trim panels before being covered

Panels showing welded patterns

We cover panels in any colour of your choice. Multiple colours and patterns are no problem.

The most common is a vinyl covering, but we can trim in other materials such as cloth, brush nylon & denim.

Welded patterns are available only on vinyl panels

Panel Prices (please call)
4 piece - doors & rear in vinyl      
add pockets to door panels      
4 piece set in cloth or brush nylon      
Karmann Ghia      
Type 2      
Bay or split panel set : 2 cab, 1 side, 1 rear door, 1 pr kick panels, 2 rear 1/4, panel opp side door, 2 bulk head panels, 2 above engine bay (bay)
 - cloth or brush nylon      
 - vinyl with heat welded pattern      
Bay window uncovered panels      
 - cab doors      
 - side door      
 - rear door      
 - rear 1/4      
 - large panel opposite side door      
 - rear bulkhead      
Type 3/4      
Contact us for custom colour choices or trim panels

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